My Final Post… For A While.. YOUR TURN NOW!

January 17, 2010

I have completely kicked the evony habit or addiction if you will.  I don’t even play Quake any more for a few minutes a day I used to.  Now I just work normal hours  and spend the rest of the time with my family.  Admittedly I could spend more time with them vs. working but that’s something I’m working on.   The most difficult change that I needed to make in my life was getting the hell away from Evony.  It was a drain on my life and my soul.  I sat here like a stoned robot, awful.

Enough about my Evony problems.  I’ll maintain this blog in hopes it can help others find strength to make the changes they feel they need to live a full life and also as a permanent reminder to myself what Evony essentially did to my life.  This will further cement the stigma of Evony and games like Evony so if I ever slip and start to believe it’s all in good fun, I’ll have written my own reality check.

To further help other people suffering from addiction to Evony and other mmorpg online games I encourage you to do your own part and post comments on this blog, keep discussions going, share your experiences and advice on how to kick the habit.  I’ll be here watching, and approving the comments and promise to take part as much as is needed.

14 Responses to “My Final Post… For A While.. YOUR TURN NOW!”

  1. The_One Says:

    Well done bro!
    I too have just kicked the habit…after playing for almost a year, stopping and starting again I eventually reset my account.
    My wife asked me to quit playing and I did…but restarted a few months after. This time I quit because I wanted to!
    This will sound so stupid, but it was very hard to do.
    But now, it is done 🙂


  2. Ed Says:

    After resetting my account, I had a fallback too and got myself off the hook again in a gradual way:

    I fell back, playing again until morning, getting bored of constantly guarding and watching the bird. To stop the red flashing of the bird, I used resources to immediate build defenses and warehouse capacity. I put production rate to zero, resulting in an hourly resource providence of 100. I kept my resources under warehouse capacity. The flashing stopped. I got some ease of mind.

    The possibility of losing all my building efforts and resources to attackers, the destruction of my virtual nest, my in billions of years deep anchored cellulair and animalistic instinct to defend my nest, was what had been keeping me addicted.

    I transported my addiction to playing Spore, with a great gadget, called the “Pause” button and without the possibity of playing online.

    Again I played nights and nights filled with fascination until I got an idea of understanding that game and valueing its educational aspects.

    The phone had already stopped ringing some time ago. The mess in my appartment was irritating me to bits. I began to feel my body hurting, suffering dehydration, sleep deprival, malnutricion.

    Battling the urge to sleep at daytime, I found myself back in the supermarket, buying the healthy food my body ached for. I found myself back kicking on cleaning my house, starting with the bathroom and reorganising its inventory, throwing away some.

    I used speakers for “any evony addicts around?” & “evonyaddiction.wordpress d0t c0m”.

    I named the flag “B00B”, the cities “NoMilk”, my lord “GetALife2”.


  3. Ed Says:

    I did it. I have hit the reset button!


    • kdizzle Says:

      good job Ed!! I feel like one of those people ‘if i only help 1 person then it’s all worth while’ 😉 just kidding.. but now the challenge of STAYING away from re-joining is in place.. i have confidence that you can find something better to do with your life now… i’d recommend whatever that is, to go do it NOW and realize that huge burden, monkey, weight off your shoulders never having to wonder if you’re assets etc are under attack!! you’re back in full control… until tax season that is 🙂


  4. John Says:

    WOO HOO! Evony is no longer a part of my life! I let it and myself ruin my life too long already. And this will probably sound nuts.. but believe it or not.. it almost ruined my marriage. But now I can say that the wifey and me are doing great! Putting her FIRST never felt so good! 😀 Thank you for this blog, it really encouraged me!


  5. I just decided to kick my habit tonight. I have to say though – I made some awesome friends through evony – some of whom I intend to keep for life. So I have no regrets.


  6. John Mountfield Says:

    Dear Readers

    May I bring to your attention the behaviour of one of Evony’s players that I truly believe will be of useful information to you, and a serious threat to security. The person in question has an agenda.

    I am a law abiding citizen, and the events over the last six months have totally destroyed my life. I don’t see how a person who lives just for Evony is allowed to apply his destructive methods on a grand scale, can be allowed to absolutely wreck families via the game Evony.

    He is causing havoc on a large scale.

    It all depends on what one’s interpretation of the law is with regards to his conduct at present, but he has devised a way to manipulate people’s lives to such an extent that I find myself and children on the receiving end of his horror show. And all because Evony is designed in such a way to take over people’s lives.

    This Evony player hates the very reason we law abiding citizens go about our lives, and he is implementing a program of atrocity. He uses the internet to conduct his atrocities. He doesn’t hide from the fact that he hates the law! Evony is a way to incite his on-line wishes of manipulation and totally make sure not only his but my life has been diabolically changed too. In a nutshell, I have lost my family because of this monster playing Evony and twisting minds.

    This is how he does it.

    He hides in Evony. In this war game that has principals akin to his beliefs he is defined as a leader. The war game Evony allows him to infiltrate people and carry out disgusting means of the game’s principals in real life!

    I think it would be wise to spell out the game’s ideology, which is to seek and destroy opposing tribes. As the game starts with amassing weapons and materials to make a tribe stronger and ultimately culminates in attacking people the use in the game to rape and pillage whilst enjoying the thoughts of seeing a person who has taken great care to do the right thing loses everything. I cannot undermine how bad this game is affecting this person, (and indeed countless other people) as he now believes in it so much that it is a way to carry out these horrors in real life. He tries every method to make sure that people within his reach, also succumb to the game’s ideology. He gains massive gratitude out of destroying and manipulating law abiding citizens. Basically there are other people suffering from his actions also. So much so, that innocent folk have been targeted as they are so vulnerable. The outcome is a loss, of unimaginable proportions

    The person in question here, is a time bomb for further atrocities on a huge scale, and I hope I have helped you decide what Evony is capable of.

    Yours faithfully

    Paul Edmonds


  7. alastair Says:

    go along with all of the originators observations re family and business etc.
    Like you, like many of you, I choose to be proud of my ‘achievements’ as an Evony player – got to be a presb. rank in the top 100 on the server – a big man in a little world.
    I have reflected on why did I need this? Was it that I was running away from actual real achievement? Was my life empty? Am i prone to obsessive behavior? Did I find the friendships and the social addiction attractive…all of these and more I guess – but having walked I have never considered going back – which is good – and my job is getting the benefit of greater commitment which has been positively received. I just had an E-mail from a player who has taken my account( I left my login with the leader and put the account in holiday) and was struggling to purchase a package, asking for advice. – That mail has helped me ‘close’ – my account is now someone else’s issue – fantastic – poor devil.

    It is an obsession not an addiction – but the difference (in damage) to the addicted or the obsessed is marginal. Good luck to you all.


  8. Many Servers! Says:

    So evony 2 has no reset button!
    It’s been 69 days since I played Evony 1 or 2…although it feels like a life time.
    Like many of you I gave up as I left like it, not because someone made me.
    …sometimes I wonder if I wouldn’t have been better leaving something else in my life!


  9. beth Says:

    tonight i have reset all my accts an cryed as i did it. u can say i am very hooked to evony.its 12:45 pm i have no skpye an no evony.. where will life take me….. forevery thing is a season…

    144 bacon8ers snggles/ladystar


  10. Troy Garrett Says:

    i am about ready to take the plunge and bug out of evony age 2 and that is saying a lot
    i am number 1 on my server
    i have 4 level 16s Hc and 4 14 hc
    29 HH
    and a15 star set so my attack hero at above 1011
    TBH i started playing cause the adds had sexy women well u know 15 star set latter 4 16’s soloed latter being number one on the server and those women in the adds do not talk to me 😦

    those of you who are leaving age 2 will be impressed but it is what it is giving away all the HC HH etc is really hard i cannot give away the star set but i wont come back to no hc no HH you lose all the toys it is not fun no more. I am a single guy no family that I am missing but i am not looking for one either cause i spend all my money and time on evony


  11. MJimm Says:

    I used to farm npcs every seconds and every minute. Waiting patiently while server updating *under maintenance*.. train troops, had to control 4 account to help feed my main account.. sat in front of mac for hours sometimes for a day or sometimes did not sleep at all because of I was on fire or I am firing someone waiting them to go to bed.. had my meal while playing Evony Free Forever.. friends gotta beg in front of the door asked me to go out.. had a fight with girlfriend.. locked in the room all by myself evonying..

    Seriously Evony was damn addictive.

    Back then, all I can say is that… I have no life, waste the time by playing it evryday NONSTOP! Then I realise, I’ve had too much of evony till commitments killing me.

    I’m glad I am successfully free from playing it. once in a time login to say hi to fellow friends but I have no desire to play Evony. Its been 30 MONTHS since the last time i login.

    I had a normal life being a student at doing Bachelor Degree Program and will graduate in a month.


  12. I was Ladystar, wn2. Worked my way up, no coins, no bots. At certain point I was ranked 7thin a top 100 with only coiners, hellt hat gave a tru kick!!! Running an alliance, often talking my way out to win a war. Amazing it was how the psycholichical game often was way stronger gameplay instead of having a real army (which I had but most of my alliance members didnt lol).
    Anyhow, I had great times playing the game. Came from nothing and honestly worked my way up. Wow, the first time I figured out how to defeat that awfull bot player and finished him…felt so ggod!
    But….when the moment comes that your children need their mom and they get the answer: wait honey mommy has no time she needs to win a war….that is the moment you realise there are more important things in life. I did choose my kids, ladystar was gone. Having great memories but no regrets about quitting at all. It took to much of my childrens time, they needed their mom way more than evony did!!!
    Funny fact is tho that I did win a war just by telling the other alliance host: If my son starts to play evony tomorrow it is your fault!!! He had kids too and did get the point as well. War ended within 5 minutes hahaha.
    Conclusion: had a wonderfull tme, learned things I still use in real life for sure. Loved the psycholigical game, absolutely. And I did get the chance to meet some wonderfull people, especially George Brogan aka BigAdain.
    Rest in peace my friend.


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