I have completely kicked the evony habit or addiction if you will.  I don’t even play Quake any more for a few minutes a day I used to.  Now I just work normal hours  and spend the rest of the time with my family.  Admittedly I could spend more time with them vs. working but that’s something I’m working on.   The most difficult change that I needed to make in my life was getting the hell away from Evony.  It was a drain on my life and my soul.  I sat here like a stoned robot, awful.

Enough about my Evony problems.  I’ll maintain this blog in hopes it can help others find strength to make the changes they feel they need to live a full life and also as a permanent reminder to myself what Evony essentially did to my life.  This will further cement the stigma of Evony and games like Evony so if I ever slip and start to believe it’s all in good fun, I’ll have written my own reality check.

To further help other people suffering from addiction to Evony and other mmorpg online games I encourage you to do your own part and post comments on this blog, keep discussions going, share your experiences and advice on how to kick the habit.  I’ll be here watching, and approving the comments and promise to take part as much as is needed.

Moving On From Evony, Or?

November 20, 2009

It’s now been a while since I quit Evony and I can honestly say I haven’t re-joined.  I thought about it a couple of times but fought back the urge.  I’ve just became content with the growth of my businesses and while it isn’t making enough that I could retire, I certainly have a little more time on my hands in the evenings , so the urge to do something interactively online is getting stronger.

Admittedly I play Quake Live for maybe 30 minutes a day before I go to sleep and that’s about the extent of that.

When I quit Evony, as expected, my productivity went sky high and business is going  great.  To make this last statement short, QUIT EVONY NOW IF YOUR BUSINESS or PERSONAL LIFE IS BEING AFFECTED.  I’m living proof of what we both already know, E has the power to change your life for the worse.

No matter what you choose to do, have fun, enjoy life and be successful in all of your pre-Evony goals you set for yourselves.

I recently realized I was spending quite a few of my free-time hours a day on Evony.  I have a family, an online career and lots of real life stuff I could be doing.  While I knew I was wasting time I’d never get back, I also knew I was hurting my life’s productivity, namely my ability to conquer my business ideas as I know I can.   Quitting Evony was the most difficult think I’ve done in ages.  I had tears as I wrote my goodbye emails to my friends.  I’ve spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours with them; at my family and friends’ expense.

Another player mentioned to me her severe addiction to this game and it snapped something inside of me.  I had to get out while I still had a family and a profitable business.  So I did it.  I quit Evony.

Today is the day after, and I have plenty of work to do online and the family is all about.  But I feel the Evony withdrawal or void if you will.   I feel like lying on the futon in my office and sleeping instead.  It’s like these hours of my day normally filled with Evony playing (very successfully I might add hehe) are now holes in my heart.   I still understand that these holes will soon be filled with productivity and family time, just not today.

If you, too, are addicted to the mmorpg game Evony and cannot quit, your’re addicted,  post your story in a comment here and we can all help each other achieve what we’d originally set out to do in our lives.