‘Determine if you are addicted to an MMORPG.

If you can control the amount of hours that you play, then you are probably not addicted. Some typical symptoms include the following:

  • Continuously thinking about an MMORPG
  • Missing work, school, or a social activity to devote time to an MMORPG
  • Playing an MMORPG for an excessive duration in one sitting (more than 5 hours)
  • Spending real money on in-game items
  • Psychological distress attributed to lack of game-play (feeling upset/angry if you can’t play)
  • Loss of sleep due to excessive gaming
  • Putting more time into the game than important things like school work, friends, family etc
  • Other major lifestyle change that results in playing the MMORPG more often

Recognize your addiction.

Even if it is just a game, it is still an addiction that is affecting your lifestyle. In recognizing the problem, you become aware that it needs to be fixed.

Tell your MMORPG friends that you are quitting

whether for an certain time period, or permanently. They may give you the emotional support that you need to recover. If you can’t bear parting from your e-friends, keep contact with them via e-mail or chat.

Start your long journey to recovery.”’

Depending on how addicted you are, and how much time you have to beat your addiction, you have several methods of approach.

Decrease your overall time playing.

What seems to be the most common is to slowly lower your playing time until it is down to a reasonable amount. However, this may not work for people who are unable to control their addiction.

Force yourself to quit playing.

Quit playing the game for a few months, and then your addiction will soon dissipate, provided that you don’t slip back to the game.

Uninstall the MMORPG

If you cannot trust yourself to keep away from loading the game another time, then your best bet is to remove the program from your computer completely.
”Keep the installation CD out of reach.”’ You might lock them away in a drawer, or give them to your parents, sibling, or trusted friend. If you are very determined, you might even destroy, or sell the CD.

Have a Hobby|Find new hobbies

Look for another hobby like reading or riding a bicycle. It is best if you find something that will keep you away from the computer, in effort to keep your mind off of the MMORPG.
”Avoid triggering your addiction again.”’ After your addiction is beaten, keep it at bay. If you’re sure that the addiction won’t come back, you could try the MMORPG again, although that may be a bit risky. Also, try to avoid starting another MMORPG. You’ll only end up funneling your addiction from the first MMORPG to the next.

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