It’s been many years since I’ve last posted here and I am just now reading the comments.  I am overwhelmed by how you are all helping to support one another.

Please keep it going.  If you can help even 1 person; it makes it all worthwhile.

Update on myself, personally: I haven’t played Evony for years but I found other games to be addicted to somehow.  Perhaps because I work for myself, online and have a lot of downtime.  Perhaps, because I’m looking for an escape from reality.  I’m not sure.  I’m currently addicted to The Division on Playstation 4.  I play about 8-12 hours a day.

I will be re-reading my blog posts as well as your comments to help understand why; then work on kicking the habit.

I’m a single father, with a concrete heart.  I won’t even consider getting another GF or wife. Surely these are contributing factors.

I can kick this again, as many of you have and I have done in the past.

Regardless, please keep helping one another.  Bless you all!

Here are some links to gaming addiction support-related sites (I do not endorse these sites, I found them on the web):

Here is a link to a site selling nootropics to help you concentration with work or studies, buy modafinil online here.

I have completely kicked the evony habit or addiction if you will.  I don’t even play Quake any more for a few minutes a day I used to.  Now I just work normal hours  and spend the rest of the time with my family.  Admittedly I could spend more time with them vs. working but that’s something I’m working on.   The most difficult change that I needed to make in my life was getting the hell away from Evony.  It was a drain on my life and my soul.  I sat here like a stoned robot, awful.

Enough about my Evony problems.  I’ll maintain this blog in hopes it can help others find strength to make the changes they feel they need to live a full life and also as a permanent reminder to myself what Evony essentially did to my life.  This will further cement the stigma of Evony and games like Evony so if I ever slip and start to believe it’s all in good fun, I’ll have written my own reality check.

To further help other people suffering from addiction to Evony and other mmorpg online games I encourage you to do your own part and post comments on this blog, keep discussions going, share your experiences and advice on how to kick the habit.  I’ll be here watching, and approving the comments and promise to take part as much as is needed.