5 Steps To Overcoming MMORPG / Evony Addiction

February 2, 2010

‘Determine if you are addicted to an MMORPG.

If you can control the amount of hours that you play, then you are probably not addicted. Some typical symptoms include the following:

  • Continuously thinking about an MMORPG
  • Missing work, school, or a social activity to devote time to an MMORPG
  • Playing an MMORPG for an excessive duration in one sitting (more than 5 hours)
  • Spending real money on in-game items
  • Psychological distress attributed to lack of game-play (feeling upset/angry if you can’t play)
  • Loss of sleep due to excessive gaming
  • Putting more time into the game than important things like school work, friends, family etc
  • Other major lifestyle change that results in playing the MMORPG more often

Recognize your addiction.

Even if it is just a game, it is still an addiction that is affecting your lifestyle. In recognizing the problem, you become aware that it needs to be fixed.

Tell your MMORPG friends that you are quitting

whether for an certain time period, or permanently. They may give you the emotional support that you need to recover. If you can’t bear parting from your e-friends, keep contact with them via e-mail or chat.

Start your long journey to recovery.”’

Depending on how addicted you are, and how much time you have to beat your addiction, you have several methods of approach.

Decrease your overall time playing.

What seems to be the most common is to slowly lower your playing time until it is down to a reasonable amount. However, this may not work for people who are unable to control their addiction.

Force yourself to quit playing.

Quit playing the game for a few months, and then your addiction will soon dissipate, provided that you don’t slip back to the game.

Uninstall the MMORPG

If you cannot trust yourself to keep away from loading the game another time, then your best bet is to remove the program from your computer completely.
”Keep the installation CD out of reach.”’ You might lock them away in a drawer, or give them to your parents, sibling, or trusted friend. If you are very determined, you might even destroy, or sell the CD.

Have a Hobby|Find new hobbies

Look for another hobby like reading or riding a bicycle. It is best if you find something that will keep you away from the computer, in effort to keep your mind off of the MMORPG.
”Avoid triggering your addiction again.”’ After your addiction is beaten, keep it at bay. If you’re sure that the addiction won’t come back, you could try the MMORPG again, although that may be a bit risky. Also, try to avoid starting another MMORPG. You’ll only end up funneling your addiction from the first MMORPG to the next.

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12 Responses to “5 Steps To Overcoming MMORPG / Evony Addiction”

  1. Shawn Says:

    Congratz on breaking your addiction. I am on my way out. I plan on deleting the acocunt today when i get home form work. I cannot sit here and play an online “fictional” game as my factual likfe, wife, kids past me by….. I am done witht his game!


  2. Harry Says:

    Yeah I have two friends who are totally addicted to Evony as well.

    They never come out anymore and are always dogging everyone for the game.

    Really sad actually.


  3. alastair Says:

    I had a long standing ‘evony habit’ I was forced to quit due to outside circumstances ‘cold turkey’ as it were. Tough. Very tough. I often thought there should be a support group for those of us who feel there is a part of us missing now – on the up side, my life, my job and and my family are getting me back. I still have them too. Addictive behavior can be destructive in any form.
    Beware of these things and respect them.

    writer formerly of ‘TheOne’ -‘TheBrood’ – and still proud of it. Sad eh?


  4. Colin Yeung Says:

    I played Evony for a solid 4 months last year and fell into that trap of it consuming my life for a period there. Breaking away wasn’t such a problem for me as like the article said, find another hobby/activity to fill up my time. Having a good job and a great family and friends network made this straight forward for me. However the best salve for my conscious was to write this post which catalogued the journey which we have all gone through.


  5. bogusname Says:

    yeah over the past week i was researching war strategies and happened to find the words evony+addiction together and googled those and WOW! I had it. I mean come on! i was looking up stuff about the game during my work hours! lol and i was contemplating of buying coins to take a break to work more hours at work and spend more time with family. so i made the decision a few days ago i was quitting and i mailed my alliance that saturday would be my last day. as days went buy it felt like i was dying lol (sad but true) it was like this is the last time im doing this or doing that before saturday. when i finally deleted my account it felt like there was a huge hole in my life. LOL ridicoulous i know but im sure this happens to a few peeps.
    anyways im free now and just want to say thanks to the both the evony community for the good times and my fellow addicts for writing their problems and the families of the fellow addicts that posted their feelings about this addiction.


  6. Dain Says:

    Hello. I read these posts and realize how crazy I’m not. My husband is addicted to Evony, and it’s putting a huge strain on our relationship. I don’t know what to do. He knows I don’t like it when he plays it, and we’ve had conversations about it. Tonight was kind of the last straw for me, but then I googled evony addiction and came across this. I don’t know what to do. He works during the day, can’t be online at work, etc., so he plays when he comes home. During the work week, he’ll play at least 4 hours a night. Weekends are way more than that. I don’t know what to do…he has used money to purchase coins or points or whatever it is you can. He had told me that he quit months and months ago. That lasted a week. He started up again, said it was a different game, but it was the same one. I don’t know what to say, what to do.


    • Ginny Says:

      I know EXACTLY how you feel Dain. My husband has only paid once (as far as I know) into the Evony game…it has cost us our Marriage. My husband acts like I am the one at fault when I ask him to get off computer to help around house. Look I know I am going on a limb here but here is my email address…sheltercatsrule@yahoo.com. We can talk (email) if you need to. I have accepted teh death in our marriage due to his computer gaming and I am able to move forward. I have found a few friends that are going through the same thing I am. Dont be afraid to email me….I wish you the best of luck. and no YOU ARE NOT CRAZY…this is a very real and scary addiction to watch someone go through……


  7. Best MMORPGs Says:

    I played Evony but I never got addicted to it. In fact I never liked it as much of many other MMOs. It was interesting for some time but then I got bored.


  8. poddys Says:

    There is no half measure for quitting Evony addiction, since you either play the game 100% or not at all. Playing anything less means you are likely to lose troops or cities through lack of food, or not paying enough attention to them.

    I quit at Christmas 2009 and have been Evony free for a year now. Never looked back. At least I can now sleep without worrying whether I am lying in bed while my cities are being torn apart.


  9. Ginny Says:

    I am a wife of an Evony addict. He is a good man but his addictive personality has cost us our marriage. We are getting divorced this summer. I wish I could say it gets easier but I hate to see him so engrossed in something that will never make him “real” or “better”. He plays before work, after work and until bedtime sometimes. About a year ago I had enough and I moved to my own bedroom. It hurts to watch and I could never understand his “need” to play so much. He has no friends at home, no life outside of work and home except his computer. He will talk to me about his “computer friends” like they are right here and they are his best friends. He cares more about them then he does me! When I ask him for help he always pipes back with “In a minute” and his minute turnes into hours if I dont remind him….it is very fusterating.

    If you are thinking of quitting it is never too late for you to better yourself. There is a whole life outside of your computer. If your married or have children what will you do when you stop playing long enough to realize that they are no longer there or grown? It is hard to give up what you like and I have nagged my husband till our marriage broke apart. I dont blame myself but how many marriages, or relationships have to dissolve before we can call it an epidemic???

    Quit today, quit soon….life is waiting…..


  10. The_One Says:

    I was playing Age 2 of evony, I’ve been playing on and off since server 28 (read “a long long time”.
    I am married, have kids and a great job. But I played Evony over 15 hours a day.
    I decided to quit, Not because my wife asked me, not because my kids asked me, but because I had had enough.
    It has been a few months since I played, but I still have the urge to go back…but I haven’t.
    Cold turkey is the only way, but you NEED to have the determination not to go back.
    I was going to log in to see how many days since I last logged in…didn’t fall for that trap!
    Let me see if my lvl 12 is there…didn’t fall for that trap!


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