Moving On From Evony, Or?

November 20, 2009

It’s now been a while since I quit Evony and I can honestly say I haven’t re-joined.  I thought about it a couple of times but fought back the urge.  I’ve just became content with the growth of my businesses and while it isn’t making enough that I could retire, I certainly have a little more time on my hands in the evenings , so the urge to do something interactively online is getting stronger.

Admittedly I play Quake Live for maybe 30 minutes a day before I go to sleep and that’s about the extent of that.

When I quit Evony, as expected, my productivity went sky high and business is going  great.  To make this last statement short, QUIT EVONY NOW IF YOUR BUSINESS or PERSONAL LIFE IS BEING AFFECTED.  I’m living proof of what we both already know, E has the power to change your life for the worse.

No matter what you choose to do, have fun, enjoy life and be successful in all of your pre-Evony goals you set for yourselves.

20 Responses to “Moving On From Evony, Or?”

  1. Nola Says:

    thank you so much for posting this. i only joined a few weeks ago and it’s taking up so much time. b/c everything on it takes hours, i find myself staring at my screen for hours. i like being busy and getting things done, but since i joined i’ve been way less productive. i think i need to quit, but i’m not sure how. can anyone give me any advice on what to do?


  2. Valla Says:

    I have been at evony for 4 months and it’s ruining my life. I am educated with a good job and I can’t beleive this happened to me. I want to quit too, so I am sharing my acoount and trying to stay away but it’s incredibly difficult. honest to god, all I think about is what is going on in my part of the evony world.


  3. Ed Says:

    I just read your message. I started evony 6 days ago, slept little, ate irregular, neglected my life and the goals I made, until I googled “evony addiction” and landed here. I already wondered how to stop. Even thought of programming a bot-player, which keeps it self busy with keeping other programs busy, so I’ll have my hands free. I have botified myself and want a computer to take over, that stupid work of planning and controlling a virtual, bit-life.

    I have concluded, that I wanted to excel in a wargame, and like the self learning program in “Wargames” spoke in metal vowels: “The only winning move is not to play.” I am going to hit the shower, and before that, the reset button of my 3 evony accounts.
    I am grateful for your and the other messages, the strength I found reading them.

    Any suggestions for an appropiate cityname to leave behind?


  4. Michael Says:

    Thank you so much for writing this. I just reset my account about 15 minutes ago and am feeling relieved and sick at the same time. I wish I could have all of the hours back that I spent playing this game. I have my own business that is strong but I can;t imagine how much further along it could be. I just hope I can stay away from all my other online addictions as well.


  5. pat Says:

    When you quit use your speakers to spread this message and help others that are trapped like we were. I had been playin for five hours and i saw a message in the world chat reading ” you are all addicts go to and free yourself free yourself before it destroys your career and your family”. we need to help those still trapped. tell your alliance members and everyone in the world chat. I would still be hooked if someone hadnt done this for me.


  6. Valla Says:

    I have finally found the place so boring that I am in the process of closing down my account. I am sending all my resources to a friend (that takes so long when you have 2 bill in food!) I have said many good byes and it’s rewarding to know I have been held in high esteem in many eyes. But, I just can’t see wasting my time looking at an unmoving screen any more.




    • Donna Says:

      I’m so glad to read what you shared about this game and I’m happy and proud of you to realize what a toxic situation your life will become…my husband has been playing for almost 10 months. I think it’s so boring too. I actually tried in the beginning to play so we could share something fun but the action is slow and I think dull. And my profession is in computers and after an hour, I’m done. Now he’s completely addicted, he’s home all day and plays day & night…he’s gaming right now in anticipation of a server merge…how sad is that? I’m not willing to keep living like this any longer…I’m not complaining, crying, begging or hoping any longer. I just want to start over and go back to living a normal life. I really don’t think he’d give it up to save our marriage as I’m the crazy one, and now I’m not sure I really care.


      • kdizzle Says:

        Hey Donna,
        I’d say persist in trying to show him the light. Make a project of it. Or a list of things / ways you will try to make him realize how silly this is. One thing that helped me, personally, to self-help myself was by installing the free program it basically gives you a breakdown of how many hours you spend doing what online.. I couldn’t believe it when I saw 11-12 hours every day. It was really sobering.

        Leave a note on his desk every morning with the Total Evony Hours count on the table or something.. then the weekly, monthly and TYD if you like. Something has to snap him out of it. But don’t give up on your marriage. At one time it meant everything in the world to both of you. Someone who is prone to addiction has found his ‘crack’. In my opinion, I’d say make it your project to figure out how to relieve him of this. You know, eventually, he’ll thank you.


  7. Donna Says:

    I’m so glad I found this post…I’m leaving this reply on several posts because I’m so upset and worried I need to vent! You’re stories are inspiring and validate my feelings.
    I’m so worried about my husband. He has been addicted to evony since April…it’s getting worse. He “works” from home and is on the internet all day but now he has evony up all day and all night. It’s ruining our life. He won’t leave the computer for more than a few hours and it’s the first thing he does in the morning and the last thing he does at night. We don’t have any kind of a marriage anymore. He thinks because he’s in the same room with me that we’re sharing time together. No no no!!! We don’t talk to each other, we haven’t had any intimacy in months and when I try to talk to him about limiting his time on the game, he gets angry and then he punishes me by staying on longer! I feel that he’d rather be online than spend any time with me and he pretty much has made it clear that it’s true. He has a new “social” network and these “friends” are more important that me. He actually thinks I’m the one with the problem because I want his attention. He’s collecting unemployment and hasn’t tried to even find a job. I don’t know what to do but if something doesn’t change, it’s a deal breaker and I’m not living my life waiting for him to finish that game. I don’t want to leave but I’m so lonesome and stressed about our emotional life and financial life.


    • Billy Says:

      I also realized I have an addiction problem to Evony also & online gaming, Evony is just worse. It all started since clicking on that stupid ad through google searches, yes the big boobs caught my attention LOL. I have been online with it for the past two months and I’m a college student. Lets just say there is a very strong correlation between my studying hours & time with my friends decreasing and my online time increasing. I have reset my accounts a few days ago and I can tell you I feel refreshed and mad at the realization of all those lost hours and I feel like I still need to fill in this empty void of playing something like it online. It came to either this Evony life or parts of my real life back. Can’t imagine how much worse it is for those dedicated players that advanced way past my accounts while I was hooked to it, wow. After waking up from this addiction you realize you can play this game 24hrs a day 365 days of the year and it feels that if you miss one day you will somehow lose all that you have worked for in the game. The more time you waste on it the more valuable it becomes to you to do better & to protect that, a vicious cycle. This is funny, I was actually searching for a bot/programming for Evony and came across this. I think I’m done with Evony now, whew! If you are spreading the word on Evony you don’t need speakers for world chat, just chat in Private chat (button above alliance chat icon) and press enter, it will show up in world chat too, its a bug. Don’t get back into the addiction if you are trying to spread the word in Evony. When I told my alliance friends I was quitting, most of them tried to talk me into staying still. I didn’t at the moment but I see now how bad this addiction really is. Goodluck all, now I’m off to EvonyII, LOL j/k!

      And a reply to Donna, for your husband’s problem I feel for you and I wish I could help you out. Being an addict myself your husband does need help. All I can suggest is secretly put a video recorder to record him on the computer for several days. Then cancel the internet temporarily (put it on vacation mode or something about financial hardship, they will work with u to try to keep u) & hide your credit cards & checkbooks, let him watch the video of himself. Or you can play his game and join Evony with him and harmlessly flirt with his alliance friends, something to associate bad things with the game, just don’t go get addicted to it, but I’m sure you hate it so bad even now. It’s a big problem now since you posted it here so you have to confront the problem with him. I’m sure he is a good guy, just caught up in the wrong world. This is just advice from me, not professional. Goodluck.


  8. Willington Says:

    Yep… it’s really me. I was totally hooked too. Even the day I gave my account away I ended up spending several hours there, if you can believe that – but if you’re here reading this then you know how completely believable that really is.

    I was doing just as Donna described: get up at 4am to get in a couple hours before I left for work… sometimes run down the block from work (where there were no computers) to the public library to log in and check my account and send out farming runs… get home and farm like crazy before my wife got home and I had to obligatorily get off the computer to “associate” (admitedly it couldn’t have been fulfilling for her because I know I was vacant – preoccupied in my own mind)… then get on for a few minutes before bed to send out more farming runs (which always ended up be 2 hours plus).

    I got the bot… built a killer custom script and maxed out 10 cities… which meant that I had to protect even more… which took more time… and on and on.

    Someone way up at the top wrote the quote from War Games – “the only winning move is not to play”. Unfortunately if this sort of game truly interests you then it will surely rule your life – every aspect.

    A special note to my frield Bill – PLEASE stop. I’m not a saint now that I don’t play… but I’m normal again at least. I enjoy the people around me again. I worry about the things I SHOULD be worrying about – not whether my troops are starving or if Eriad is raiding me again (btw.. I grew to like Eriad – that’s why I mention him).

    If you have self control w/ this game, then, by design, you suck at it. The only way to accell is to let it consume your life.

    My 2 cents…


  9. Marjorie Says:

    Well, I just caught my husband on Skype with a girl from Evony who he was wooing to get information from her because she is the head of an enemy alliance. He started befriending her and ended up telling her he loved her and watching her masturbate on her webcam… ALL FOR A GAME!!!! Not to mention he didn’t care about what he was doing, lying to her. She is devastated, thought she was in love with this great guy. he was just using her for info… how fricking ridiculous is this one!??


    • nigel Says:

      Hi Marjorie,
      I have had similar problems! do you know the womans name or her evony name ? because i think this woman maybe my wife!!! we have split up over all this…skype webcams evony msn…ect…


  10. Jerry Says:

    I got layed off my job two years ago . Found myself with ALOT of time on my hands . Last fall I began to play evony for just fun . within a few days it had me . I have never been addicted to a game like this . I dont even play online games much . It was affecting everything . My wife stopped even trying to communicate with me , My duaghter seen me for 20 hours a day sometimes sitting in front of eveny . I had big prestige and was always the biggest player(prestige wise) on my team . A few weeks ago , my wife bought me a honda ruckus and got me to ride it a few times . While riding I was seriously worried that i was being attacked . It was then that i realized , I was a miserable , nervous , worried person playing evony . scared to even leave the house or go to sleep sometimes . Since quiting evony ( 3 weeks ago) My life has changed Sooo much . everything got better , School grades ,relationship with my child and wife is actually there now . and I have FREE TIME . Thank you for this thread .


  11. alastair Says:

    God this all sounds so familiar.
    As a former top 100 player on a server and a presbyter in an alliance ranked 1-3 on that server I was in deep.
    The ways this game eats you and stays with you is just too much for the needy – I have found solace since quitting in looking back with fondness on a place I visited but had the strength to leave. As a non gamer (prior to the fateful curiosity ‘click’}I feel I can say I achieved something – I used myself as a socio-anthro experiment – and survived . I actually feel the same about my evony experience as I do looking back upon the times I dallied with class A drugs. That is releived – and stronger.
    I have not regretted leaving for one minute, though I do miss some of the nicer people I met while playing. There are nice people in Evony too – that is the cunning of it.
    It is tough to quit and you need a reason. Most people know that their behavior is inappropriate when they spend days and nights feeding fake archers, to attack fake towns – at the cost to their ‘real. lives.
    When they waver and want to quit, support them with everything you have – and make it clear that you will – get them the write down five reasons for quitting and place them by the computer.
    After all life goes on within you and without you. 🙂
    Good luck.


  12. Greg Says:

    I went back last night and yes I can still build fast and get alot of resources fast and you know what, its boooring! I finally win! My poor attention span has won over addiction. Now if I can only get a friend to stop playing so he can hang out more with his family.


  13. Forgotten Says:

    look all u people whinning bout evony taking to much time shut up seriously if u lack that much self control that u cant limit yourself to how much u play the game maybe u should quit your job and go back to living with your parents


  14. JB Says:

    My wife has been playing Evony for over 4 years now. In October 2012 she told me “I can’t do this anymore!” and has quit our marriage 3 days prior to our 25th wedding anniversary. Evony has become her life, I’d become her annoyance.

    Just prior she’d taken a 2 week holiday oin US to visit her Evony friends. She told me if I didn’t let her go, she’d get the money from her Mother and go anyway. St the time our son was studying for his final school year, her mother was recovering from breast cancer radiation therapy and I thought we were planning our first holiday alone together in 12 years.

    When she got back she quit our marriage.

    If your partner is playing Evony and prefers this to going out for dinner as partners, catching up with friends or holding down a job or occupying their mond on something purposeful, you have an addicted Evony user and it will only be a matter of time before you become just a distraction,,,,,,


  15. MissEvoAddict Says:

    I don’t know if evony addiction is real, but I think if it is, I am addicted. Because I can’t stop myself from going back after I quit. I have quit for months at a time to no avail. I always go back. I went back again. I go back because I miss it and I think I can play normally, but then I end up staying up all night and having little to no sleep. I neglect my friends and family. I’m not a mom, but I still have family and responsibilites and I let them fall by the wayside. I miss the friends I made in the game when I quit, but on the other hand I think some of the friends I’ve made, that it’s unhealthy to befriend people frome a game. Like if you invest in people in other states you meet online in a game, that you’re all feeding each other’s behaviors. It’s probably just me. I just want to be smart and quit and never look back. Never get jealous when I hear someone say they got a 15 set and feel compelled to go back and get one of my own. Never get caught up in the politics of the game where you’re made to irrationally dislike strangers because they’re reds. I think it’s hard for me to quit because my gaming began with a friend from real life and we grew closer playing the game to the point I developed feelings that appeared to be reciprocated but ended up going nowhere and I think that incident led me to sink into some sort of depression whereby which I immersed myself further into the game just to ignore my feelings. Well, since no one else has posted in ages, I guess I just will have to hope reading everyone’s posts from before will be enough to help me quit for good. Because it’s never what I want it to be. I think it can be a fun casual game I play here and there, but to play “well” where you succeed and do anything you really need to be on more than just a few minutes a day. And a few minutes from me turns into hours. I’m sure some people find it’s easily worked into their lives, but some other people like me, we have addictive personalities or things going on in our real lives that make escaping to a fantasy world of empire building and fighting more fun than reality, and it’s all too easy to start. I actually had someone write me to not play because it takes up too much time. I should heed their advice. But it’s so much easier said than done. Logically I need to quit because it doesn’t even give me pleasure anymore, it just makes me feel like a failure at life because I am addicted to a freaking browser game, but it’s hard to actually quit. I will though I think. I hope anyhow. Wish me luck. 🙂


  16. Hailey Says:

    I’d reading this and it literally wants to make me cry.
    My husband is an evony addict, started playing in 2011, stoped for a while and rejoined again up to date.
    It has consumed his whole life, to the extend that he hardly has time for any other thing in his life anymore. He is one of the top players. Every time he says he will quit but never does.
    The amount of money he has spend on this game is to choke on, and he buys packages for other female friends.
    He has also established intimate relationships with other female friends, sharing pictures, chatting on video, texting all times of the night, I even had one of his bitches try to befriend me online, she even got upset whe se saw him posting pics of us together. He lies to them on the status of our relationship, teling them, I dont live with him. I have even recently discovered es send arge amounts of money to some of these bitches. The constant lies and waste of time and money!
    I have given him plenty of chanses and excuses, ultimations, and have now asked him to leave our family home, and an almost defnite divorce in my opicion…in the process of finding a lawyer.
    The hurt and humiliation that I have had to take over these last months/years has caught up with me and I am a relatively tolerant person. JokesI on me, I even tried to play the game with him to see what is about and to share something with him, as we were loosing touch with one another, and he left me on one server and established himself with his bitch on a different server. The anger that I feel is actually affecting my health. My child does not even ask about him anymore or misses him.

    No more excuses.

    It’s a sad day when a home brakes down, it is a hard call to leave someone you loved so much, it’s the beginning of the end of an era.

    I don’t know if anyone will be reading this, but I just thought to share. On so many levels I feel I failed, I thougbt I was strong enough and that I would be enough… but it didnt work out that way.

    Evony is an evil vicious addiction, stay strong to those who got out, and if not get out!

    Thanks and keep well.


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