Addicted to Evony – Battling Evony Addiction

October 2, 2009

I recently realized I was spending quite a few of my free-time hours a day on Evony.  I have a family, an online career and lots of real life stuff I could be doing.  While I knew I was wasting time I’d never get back, I also knew I was hurting my life’s productivity, namely my ability to conquer my business ideas as I know I can.   Quitting Evony was the most difficult think I’ve done in ages.  I had tears as I wrote my goodbye emails to my friends.  I’ve spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours with them; at my family and friends’ expense.

Another player mentioned to me her severe addiction to this game and it snapped something inside of me.  I had to get out while I still had a family and a profitable business.  So I did it.  I quit Evony.

Today is the day after, and I have plenty of work to do online and the family is all about.  But I feel the Evony withdrawal or void if you will.   I feel like lying on the futon in my office and sleeping instead.  It’s like these hours of my day normally filled with Evony playing (very successfully I might add hehe) are now holes in my heart.   I still understand that these holes will soon be filled with productivity and family time, just not today.

If you, too, are addicted to the mmorpg game Evony and cannot quit, your’re addicted,  post your story in a comment here and we can all help each other achieve what we’d originally set out to do in our lives.

48 Responses to “Addicted to Evony – Battling Evony Addiction”

  1. duznug Says:

    I completely agree with you, and havent yet been able to put the game down. this is tying up 8-12 hours of my day and is getting SUPER addicting.

    Glad I am not the only one


  2. Peter Jenner Says:

    Thanks for the article. I’vre only been playing 2 weeks (attacted by the ads with the girl withe the nice breastes:-)):-).
    I have been addicted since day one and am ranked 186 on the server – I’m worried though because I live for Evony – that’s really weird isn’t it??




  3. Nola Says:

    thanks for posting this. i think the only way to quit would be to delete my account, but i’m not sure how. i need reassurance that i won’t be able to go back. also i am scared of the withdrawal/void you mentioned, but i am sure this is the right decision. does anyone know how to delete an account on evony? my plan is to leave it inactive until it is deleted and try to move on


  4. Valla Says:

    I know exactly how you feel. I too am pretty good evony. 400k prestige, 2 cities great alliance and tons of friends. I know I have to get away and this is my first day away, after a tearful nite agonizing. I share my account so I haven’t quit outright. I want to but, the lure is just too strong. And yes, evony has affectd my work, my marriage it’s all I think of. And I know it has to stop.


    • kdizzle Says:

      Be strong Valla. I’ve even ignored the players who I gave my account to when they email to check on me. I think you just gotta cut it completely off. I was a Vice Host and prefered to leave my account (at the time around 800k prest, 4m honor, max cities) to the alliance to use as they please.

      I totally know the feeling of wondering what’s going on at your cities. This is the main killer for me. Especially since I’m online for work almost 16+ hours a day I felt like I missing something or neglecting something if I wasn’t looking for red flashing birds or building my cities/troops. You just gotta believe in yourself and read what you just wrote. It was destroying the things around you that REALLY count.

      Thank you for your reply, I’m sure it will help others. Anyone else have advice for Valla or other readers of this microcosm of a support group we have here?


  5. Ed Says:

    Reading your message, I got the strength to reset my 3 Evony accounts.

    I Joined 6 days ago, knowing this trap, slept little, ate irregular, neglected goals in life. Wondering how to stop, I considered programming a bot-player, that did the arithmatic, planning, controling the virtual life, that would keep itself lbusy with keeping other programs busy. I had botified myself.

    I concluded, that I wanted to excel in a wargame, and, like in “Wargames” the learning program metally voiced “The only winning move is not to play.”

    Googling “Evony addiction”, I read your message.
    I wanted to hit the shower, but first the reset button of my Evony accounts. I am grateful for the messages and the strength I found to actually reset.

    Any suggestions for an appropriate cityname, flagname, lordname to leave behind for the others?

    Before feeling and fulfilling my next wish, this copy and paste:

    a quote from Oriah Mountain Dreamer, (not a native American elder, but) a shamanic named writer:

    “The Invitation

    It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing. It doesn’t interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dreams, for the adventure of being alive.

    It doesn’t interest me what planets are squaring your moon. I want to know if you have touched the center of your sorrow, if you have been opened by life’s betrayals, or have become shriveled and closed from fear of further pain! I want to know if you can sit with pain, mine and your own, without moving to hide it or fade it or fix it. I want to know if you can be with JOY, mine or your own: if you can dance with wildness and let the ecstasy fill you to the tips of your fingers and toes without cautioning us to be careful, to be realistic, or to remember the limitations of being human.

    It doesn’t interest me if the story you are telling me is true. I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself: if you can bear the accusation of betrayal and not betray your own soul. I want to know if you can be faithful and therefore trustworthy. I want to know if you can see beauty even when it is not pretty everyday, and if you can source your life from its presence. I want to know if you can live with failure, yours or mine, and still stand on the edge of a lake and shout to the silver of the full moon, “YES!”

    It doesn’t interest me to know where you live or how much money you have. I want to know if you can get up after the night of grief and despair, weary and bruised to the bone, and do what needs to be done for the children. It doesn’t interest me who you are, or how you came to be here. I want to know if you will stand in the centre of the fire with me and not shrink back.

    It doesn’t interest me where or what or with whom you have studied. I want to know what sustains you from the inside when all else falls a way. I want to know if you can be alone with yourself, and if you truly like the company you keep in the empty moments.”


  6. Eddie almond Says:

    What’s ur chords so I can farm. Only joking good luck


    • Ed Says:

      Big farm: 100 /resource/hour.
      Iterate sell and buy with loss. Set tax 100%. I remember repeatedly unattended attacks will result in grievance and hourly mismanagment fine of 100 /resource.


    • Ed Says:

      Err, scrap that “Iterate and sell..”.
      I think the mismanagement fine can be achieved, without being attacked, by recruiting a hero resulting in gold loss and training warriors resulting in food loss. Resources can be bought and sold towards proportions for warrior resource requirements.
      Name the city and Lord “GetALife”, flag “LIVE” or “BOOB”, and attackers or scoutsenders can get the idea.


  7. Valla Says:

    I haven’t left compelely, I’m still sharing my account. Haven’t logged on since Friday which is a HUGE accomplishment. I’ve made a conscious effort to spend more time in RL and less in evony. I got 10 hours sleep last nite and feel great.


  8. baldie Says:

    I played evony from near the start of sever 6 was online and my pres was 2.5 mil. every time i tryed to give up there was a new war starting up. I found it very hard to give up.Then one day i just gave my account away to a friend and told him to change the password. Now its great i do not have to get up early to farm for the troops and my wife has stoped nagging at me.But i did make some good friends from around the world.



    • kdizzle Says:

      almost exactly the same thing i did… giving up the pword with instructions to do well for the alliance and to never, ever let me make contact again no matter what i say.. also i deleted the dude’s email address from my contacts and asked him never to email me again so im not tempted to ask for it back.. although, truth be told, i havent really felt the need to hit him up… good luck everyone… and yes, my wife is excited i quit too hehe


  9. Valla Says:

    Baldie: Now its great i do not have to get up early to farm for the troops

    LOL LOL LOL That is what drove to finally close my account. I woke up one day this week, sat at the computer, set out the guy farming and thought: WHAT AM I DOING???? I’ll be doing everyday forever…how stupid is that???

    It was like a lightbulb coming on for me.

    My friends know I’m leaving, and I am rather calm about it all. I blew up a lvl 10 city without flinching yesterday. 2 more to go.

    😉 🙂



  10. baldie Says:

    at the end of evony for me i just wanted to chat so i just added some of my friends from evony to to facebook


  11. Confused Says:

    I wish I could say that evony was the cause of conflict in my life but truth be told i actually used evony at first as an escape mechanism – to forget about the pressures of work, financial commitments, family responsibilities and to honestly just breath and relax.

    I have to admit it did progressively become an addiction when I found myself dieing from exhaustion at work due to only having 3 hours of sleep. It was a large enough addiction for my family to be extremly concerned and actually sit me down to express those concerns. Lol it made me both laugh hard and retaliate – are you serious?? I could be doing drugs, having ALOT of sex and here i am in evony being an addict??? Lol… It was funny to me for a while and I’ve been playing evony since November – its almost the end of January and Im still in the dam thing. As much as I want to leave….someone always pulls me back in. I dont know how to leave???


    • baldie Says:

      you just need a good kick in the balls to make you realise that your family need you . someone once said to me that he was driving down the road woundering what his next move was going to be in evony, as he was doing this he near had a crash not paying attention to the road that is what made him quit evony, and his family was missing there dad



  12. Valla Says:

    I haven’t quit yet. I am on the holiday mode now. To be honest I like the place and my friends. And to rationalize.. what’s the difference: being on the computer, watching tv, or evony? It’s all the same. But stayin up til 4am ? Not cool. And I admit that’s me that did that. we all have our vices. Valla


  13. Donna Says:

    I’m so worried about my husband. He has been addicted to evony since April…it’s getting worse. He “works” from home and is on the internet all day but now he has evony up all day and all night. It’s ruining our life. He won’t leave the computer for more than a few hours and it’s the first thing he does in the morning and the last thing he does at night. We don’t have any kind of a marriage anymore. He thinks because he’s in the same room with me that we’re sharing time together. No no no!!! We don’t talk to each other, we haven’t had any intimacy in months and when I try to talk to him about limiting his time on the game, he gets angry and then he punishes me by staying on longer! I feel that he’d rather be online than spend any time with me and he pretty much has made it clear that it’s true. He has a new “social” network and these “friends” are more important that our life together. He’s collecting unemployment and hasn’t tried to even find a job. I don’t know what to do but if something doesn’t change, it’s a deal breaker and I’m not living my life waiting for him to finish that game. HELP!!!


  14. Valla Says:

    You are not the only wife/partner who’s upset at the time spent at the game. google mmporg addiction and read some of the articles on it. Print them out and leave them for your hubby to find and read. It was a wake up call for me and I realized I had to do something. I limit my time on, and take breaks away from the game as my way of dealing with it. One of my friends girlfriends threatened to leave him over the game and now he just sneaks around and is on when she’s not around. Good luck with this. Valla


    • kdizzle Says:

      Great call on the google-ing for mmorpg addiction… i was pretty close minded when i chose this keyword set… almost like further proof how these games can get you in their grasp.. i wasnt even thinking how the info here could help inspire players of OTHER games too.. because Evony was the ONLY thing in the world to me! hehe What a sham, eh?

      I’m going to redact a bunch of a new eHow post I found with further explanations on ways to identify and kick the mmorpg addiction right in the butt! Keep on being strong everyone, I know I am!


  15. Qasim Says:



  16. Gabi Reid Says:

    My dad is beginning to get really addicted to Evony and i don’t know what i should do to try and get him to lay off it for a while or for ever, i’m only 15 but im worried my dad is going to get too hooked. Any help?


  17. I too was once beginning to get hooked on evony.
    I was a 1 million prestige player that, I am proud to say, NEVER spent a single penny on the game!
    I did, however, often find myself online either directly playing or chatting or watching the screen out of the corner of my eye for the “flashing bird” scenario…lol.
    I also realized that this game was beginning to take away from my time with my family…..the first thing I did in the morning was farm and the last thing I did at night was farm.
    The best advice I can give for quitting is to simply take over a low level flat and build yourself a new city……something very generic, like the way you would set up a lvl 5 prior to NPCing it….and then abandon your old “primary” city.
    You will be left with a useless, no troop, no hero, no resource, little city with 1 lord showing 1 Million prestige.
    Change your Flag to read something like I did….mine said GoneFishin and with a few farewells to my bros in my alliance, I was gone!
    Now, even if the urge pops up to return, all that time and effort spent building your account is gone and chances are you will just let it go……..try it… works!
    Good Luck to those of you reading this who are now smart enough to realize you need to get off the keyboard and get back into life!


  18. Bluefrog Says:

    I was also addicted to Evony. At the peak I was playing sometimes 15 hours a day and it was the centre of my life. It was the first thing I did when I woke up and the last thing before sleep. All that was important was feeding my armies and attacking my enemies.
    I was playing for over 17 months and that’s a big chunk of my life that I will never get back.
    In the end I cold reset my account,(don’t forget you have to quit alliance before you can reset the game, I presume this is to make it more wrenching to do it –like you’re quitting on family or something).
    I didn’t say goodbye to anyone, and I didn’t give my cities or heroes away. This was deliberate, as I knew that I would be checking on them to see how they were going if they were still live.
    I will never regret the decision to quit, but regret every day the money and time I wasted on it.


  19. Louisa Says:

    It feels good to know you aren’t alone! I was over 6 mil prestige VH of the number 10 alliance on server 127.7 cities- awesome hero’s.. almost at insta warriors. But the guilt of playing at work- the loss of income from playing at work… crazy!It was also stressful as VH- and that helped me walk away. I had a friend in my alliance take over my account and he gave away all my hero’s and turn my cities into his own resouece cities.. without the hero’s- theres nothing to go back to! I feel FREE!!! So glad I QUIT!


  20. Host Says:

    God I have been playing nearly a year now. I suppose I have a problem. Maybe I need to quit.


  21. Squid Says:

    Day 3 after quitting evony. I’ve spent a year on that stupid game. My wife quit at the same time. We did the math, added up all the hours and found out that we lost 52 days of our life on that game. My account was 6 mil prest. and hers was 5 mil. We spent some money, not alot, but its the ammount of time that got us. Evony is a time bandit. The void of not playing is what we noticed the most. But, it forced me to get up and start doing work on the house:)


  22. LAW Says:

    dam game been 2 years now 14million prestige countless threts of divorce and still cant get my azz out of the game i need locking up if i gave up id lose a lot of good freinds ive been in the same aliance since i started and am now vice host but i neeed to stop for my family 😦


  23. sadwife Says:

    My husband was addicted to an online game. We both started playing that right after marriage, it was sort of our bonding time. After two years, when I got a full-time job, I quit but he kept on playing. He still goes to work, pays his bills and being responsible but he hardly spent time with me. Now he quit because we have been fighting so much about it but he’s grown distant towards me. It’s only been a week since he quit but I can’t help but feel that he’s resenting me for taking away his hobby. I don’t know what to do, I’m afraid he will never get over this resentment. Has this happened to anyone here before or any family members? I’m torn between just giving him space and not hounding him, or should I keep showing him I love him by being on his side, trying to support him through this time? I really need your insight please..


  24. Smurf Says:

    Hi, I’m in withdrawal today. I have known for a long time it had to be done, my hubby was shouting at me to quit, got madder and madder, but there were people I have become attached to over the year I have been playing and chatting with them, yes some I have been with for a whole year, even hopping to new servers together! I had become bored with the constant farming and building…more like work than anything else really, so I’m not missing that! I was getting my kicks from being needed by the other members of my ally, being able to keep chat happy and supplying everyone with constant virtual drinks and cakes. Now I hope to keep them supplied from my fb account instead, but it will be lonely, I know. I made sure the decision was irreversible by quitting the alliance (losing 10% of 1.4mill pres on my latest server) and letting my friends cap my best cities and heroes. My heart is breaking, I’m mooning around looking at “evony withdrawal”, but I know it will get better in a few days. Good luck all evonyolics!


  25. Valla Says:

    a few months ago. You can quit too. I reset my 5 mill prestige account (wasn’t leaving my resources to be plundered), tried again on another server and got bored after a few weeks, reset that account and never looked back. Good luck to those who read this.


  26. augustin Says:

    This is worse than crack… Evony sucked my life away for 11 days. 200 hrs of gaming and $305.- later, I am on my second day dry. Withdrawals symptoms will fade as time goes by… until I’ll immerse myself into some other wicked man-made and addictive construct. Stop smoking, start drinking or find the root cause of the void that all of us patch up with one addiction or another… do it with resolve and intensity. good luck.


  27. gen Says:

    if you are still reading comments on this or if you can somehow find the time to read this… i need to talk to someone abt what i am going through with my husband and evony. i have a few questions for you abt it. im at a loss. it sounds like you may be able to at least offer me some insight. i commend you for doing the right thing and letting it go.


  28. valla Says:

    I was on evony for a year and a half. One of the main problems people have with the place is unwillingness to lose everything they have built up. This is why they are there 24/7 in an attempt to keep everything they have. I lasted that long on evony because I was hardly ever attacked. Remind your addicted significant other it is a game and only a game. I got to the point where I was willing to lose everything because I just didn’t like wasting time there. On my latest and final go round I was being attacked constantly and I just said screw it and quit. As a last result, go on their account and reset it. Everything will be gone and they won’t have to worry about losing it unless they try to start up again.


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  30. ruda Says:

    same here, my bf is addicted to this stupid evony game, always ignoring me, always telling me that i i am interfering his life, he spent hours and hours to this stupid games, he ruined my life !!!


  31. ruda Says:

    we had fight today coz he spent more hours with his ALLIANCE, now i am left behind, always waiting for him to finish the games , after raving, he spent hours again playing online games and i have suspicion that he is having an affair w/ her co-alliance, heard one time that they are still chatting outside the games even though his co–alliance were all gone but my bf and his lady alliance still talking and the stupid lady id flirting w/ my bf…i am fed up w/ this, too much!!!!


    • Smurf Says:

      Hi, Smurf here… look way back to when I quit last April… I haven’t played again since…but… ruda…I understand what is happening with you and your bf, yes, it is very easy to get very attached to people who were in an alliance with you, you get to share a lot and go through a lot of ups and downs together. I got that attached to 2 guys I played with, one from age 1, who I only really got to know AFTER I quit, because when I said goodbuye he started e-mailing me. The other (age2) was a longer in-game kind of relationship… and wd probably have become flirty…if I left it. I know he flirts with everyone, he is a regular lothario. But both of these guys are married, and so am I, so I made the point very firmly that it wasn’t that kind of friendship, and anyway, I have never met them in real life, we would probably be very awkward! So my friendship with them went to a more “mature” place and I know, from talking to them, how attached they are to their wives and children. The whole way evony is set up leads to flirtatious carry-on, I’m afraid, you say “boo” in world chat and immediately 3 guys are whispering you with shocking suggestions! I think most guys that do that are teenagers, trying out lines to see what kind of response they might get, and see it as harmless fun. I still chat with these friends many months after quitting, I feel they are my friends we have more than just evony to share now. And because I don’t have any real life contact with them, I feel free to discuss things with them when I am upset, that I would not share with people who do know me because my pride and my husband’s pride would be hurt if I went confiding in people who know us.
      So what advice can I give you? The flirting that your bf goes on with is probably harmless, and he might just like having another person to talk to… it might be an idea to chat with him (not confront him, that would make him hide it away, like I did when my hubby got angry) about what it is that is so good for him in this friendship, explain how it hurts you, and see if there is a way ye can work it out. I really hope you do! I had to explain to my hubby that it was him I was married to, not them, they were a different kind of friendship.
      good luck and be strong!


  32. A Lady Says:

    I was so lonesome … sitting home alone at night after work and chores. Too exhaused and too broke to go out and have a life. My life was work, chores, work, chores. Even time with my family was work and more work. No one seemed to care about me enough to help lift my burdens. I had no laughter.
    After chores I would read a little or play online games like mah-johng.I work on a public job so I had that human interaction but little besides that. I sat alone in my living room each night. The family scattered in their rooms doing their own thing.
    Then I found evony… O JOY .. fun and laughter.
    I cared nothing about fighting and such. But to maintain the game and to be in alliances you must build and learn continously.
    I have been in the game over 2 years now and I despise the time it takes. Have considered quitting over and over. But … then I would have to go back to the way it was before.
    Now I have someone to talk to at any hour of the day or night.To escape evony I have to leave friends. That is the saddest part.


  33. MaryTenderLOS Says:

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  34. Valla Says:

    Evony can be nice place to pass time, but it should not be the focus of your life. I was gone for 10 months before I peeked back to spend about 60 days building a city before walking away yet again. For anyone reading this, the best way to quit is to reset your account. It won’t be the end of your world, it will be the beginnin of your life in the real world.


  35. John T. Says:

    Been playing since S23 which after 3 yrs and 2 mergers it is now SS45. I play 2hrs a morn, all evenings and week ends, also have accounts on 148 and 150. Yes addiction is a word that applys here. Hoping to stop, just have`nt got to that place yet. Waiting for the 400 cents and 700 cents on accts to be used up I guess.


  36. Evie Says:

    Been Evony-free for the past year and half. Same story as most of you out there still struggling with leaving the game behind; it affected my relationships in rl and my job as well. In hind-sight, it was the darkest days of my life. The high then was fantastic; the rankings achieved, the prestige, the records set, the adulation for a great hit or sabotage, the ego-boost and most of all, the acceptance and support.

    In the end, none of it matters. It’s not real! The feeling is temporary and it’s why you keep going back. Yes, you’ve made great friends but in the end, they are people you’ve not met or will never meet because somewhere deep down, it’s somehow more comfortable to hide behind your keyboard and persona. Like life, virtual life can move on without you. Your Alliance and co-horts can get along without you and your infinite wisdom in all things Evony.

    Consider this, will the game save you when you need saving? And you obviously do if you’re reading this blog (thank you kdizzle for offering a place for support). If your friends and family are making you mad for interfering in your gaming time, it’s only the beginning. Things will only get worse for you. You WILL loose everything. Whether you know it or not, while you’re in the game, your life is at a stand-still.

    I was close to loosing everything. It took about a year for me to come to the realization that rl is passing me by. To leave behind a game like Evony is like walking away from a siren call but once you’re far enough away, you’ll have a clearer view of what just happened, of how close you really went to the edge. There will be guilt, shame and best of all, relief. Finally, your world will turn again, this time with you in it.

    I commend those of you who have had the courage to do leave and I implore those of you who are still in the addictive battlefield to drop everything and get out now. Don’t look back. Good luck and God-speed to you all.


  37. Ed Says:

    I am curious to all your wishes and feelings of gratitude in real life.
    3 things I am grateful for:
    – listening to internet radio on my stereo, while doing the dishes;
    – feeling my bare feet on the carpet;
    – the stillness, focus and peace I feel writing this.


  38. Cerebrus Evony Says:

    I gave up Evony when I realized I was addicted. The signs were sleep deprivation and planning social events around build times. I just gave away the account like some suggested. Yet I still wanted to play the game, more like an Xbox or Playstation game.
    What I ended up doing and still do is every so often go to a new server and build a 1 or 2 city account, make my own alliance, and go war with people. I just destroy a couple of people’s cities, or take a hero or 2, than take a low level flat build a city and delete my war cities.
    If people know me and ask to join the alliance I have created I let them with the knowledge of this is only temporary and just in the game to destroy things.
    Can farm 10s for food enough to not have to spend farming all day.
    Also in this way you can still have a life.
    Evony can be just like a video game with a save card where you limit your time and playability.
    Also people have commented on the people they have met or relationships they form with people in Evony. If there is one thing I have learned its no one is who they say they are in Evony….so how can you form relationships. Hence my start my own alliance if it be a single person alliance so be it. Besides you could be forming a bond with 5 people who are the same person in Evony since so many players have multiple accounts.
    I knew this one player who built a 10 farm around his main troop building city….the funny thing is he built the farm with 20 accounts. The player would adv tele to a level 10 flat, take a low level flat for a 2nd city and abandon the city to make a NPC. In the end of his obsession he had his main city surrounded by only 20 level 10 NPCs. LOL.
    I mention this because when I saw this I realized that it was insane yet brilliant. I knew than that I would never compete with the coiners or the addicts, yet I liked to kill stuff (as in any other video game like Modern Warfare, or Halo, etc etc.) So like I said Evony is only addictive as you make it.
    Why waste life or time on it…..if you start a server to only dabble and destroy stuff….knowing that you could lose it tomorrow and start again….than so be it. If your troop runs out of food than so what?
    Its a game, not real life.


  39. Glenn Says:

    I totally understand. How about selling an account? How would one go about it?


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